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Environment & Safety

Tires are chosen with a view to sustainability and the environment Monitoring of fuel consumption Training drivers in the context of environmental and safety Shipments are continuously monitored through both Track & Trace as a well-trained team of successors.

Transport & Logistic

Refrigerated – Refrigerated transport High-Value shipments Transport with covered wagons ADR Warehousing and logistics Ask your quote here.

Mission & Objectives

We offer our customers a total solution tailored for their logistics and transportation needs . For this we use our own transportation capacity and logistics services. By working with partners, we can complement our own products where necessary.We want long-term relationships to build with our customers, partners and employees.

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It goes without saying that much of the credit for these positive developments are due to our employees, suppliers and customers. The management would like to express its sincere gratitude for this and hopes to travel new roads with them for many years to come.
Truck, Parking & Handling has so much to offer to its customers.
It starts with a great deal of history and that experience behind us makes us prepared for today, as our skilled and knowledgeable staff has helped expand the company into the no 1 specialist in mixed cargo transport, freight consolidation and full loads, refrigerated transport, shipping and storage, operating throughout the whole of Western and Eastern Europe and beyond.
Our business has seen some important developments. With haulage companies in Poland and Bulgaria, and with the development of our ultramodern nerve center in Herentals.
The building of a state-of-the-art warehouse in Geel (18.000m²) has opened also new ways for entering into the logistics (warehousing, storage) arena. We are ready for new challenges and opportunities!!!


In collaboration with Walter Drossaert and Reiner Gagelmann , was a new shipping agency founded in Herentals in 1996. Pack them operates as a full-fledged , ISO – certified service provider and partner for industry and commerce for the logistics to and from Central, Eastern and South – Eastern Europe. All our staff are extremely talented and speaks several languages. They will support and help for the shipment of your goods in these markets . Creating loyal employees “run a culture of stability, which contributes to the success of the company.

ESV Transportation

Our latest addition to the group since the acquisition of Smits Transport Europe from Olen.
Highly specialized in cold chain and transport of frozen goods throughout Europe (West – Central and East).
TAPA member and audited by IAB for TAPA organization on December 2013 for TAPA TSR2 level
Core business: cooled and frozen pick up and delivery throughout Europe for customers in Pharma & Life Sciences, Food and Luxury Goods.
Please contact our sales department
Direct line: +32 14 849533
Email: info@esvtransports.be

ACE Trans

Ace-Trans is your partner for transport and logistics. Thanks we can offer solutions to our long experience and support of the entire group for the transportation of your goods across Europe, Russia, Asia “, the Middle East and America. Our mission is to give our customers a competitive, efficiency «nte and offer quality solution for their transportation needs. We can offer both traditional, volume, cooling and kiptransporten.


In the heart of the Alps spreads Frët Diffusion its services across Europe. This emphasis on France, Switzerland, Italy «, Belgium”, Britain “and Netherlands. Our strengths are our response, our regularity, honoring our commitments and our ethical behavior. The assignments with dedication and treated in confidence. We attach great importance to the needs of our customers.

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Who we are?

Do you need specialized road transport solutions for your cargo? We offer a full range of transportation and dedicated logistic services suited to your specific needs, ranging from FTL and LTL to temperature-controlled and dangerous goods.

  • Express
  • Temperature-controlled
  • Dangerous goods
  • High volume


About us

Truck Parking & Handling heeft veel te bieden aan haar klanten. Het bedrijf heeft een groot deel geschiedenis achter zich. Deze ervaring zorgt er meer voor dat we uitblinken in ons vak. Dankzij ervaren en bekwaam personeel is de groep kunnen groeien tot een specialist in vervoer van verschillende soorten goederen, zowel groepagezendingen als complete ladingen, koeltransport, scheepvaart en opslag, actief in heel West- en Oost-Europa en daarbuiten.

Latest news

Bought new, light trailers!

TP & H has enriched its fleet with 20 new, light trailers. These trailers the car can charge a higher weight. Moreover, the trailers are equipped with a fixed anti-slip floor.

Message posted on 2015-09-10 at 09:12:37

‘Special Recognition Award’ for Vedrova

Vedrova receives the Special recognition award Eastman Chemical for providing outstanding quality and performance.

Message posted on 2015-06-24 at 15:20:01

TP & H Transport Vandijck is a safe and responsible way with loads

Read on: http://www.madeinkempen.be/nieuws/tpenh-transport-vandijck-gaat-op-veilige-en-verantwoorde-manier-om-met-ladingen/

Message posted on 2015-06-19 at 13:19:12

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